01 April 2009

you've got a spider on your eyelid (Lady Gaga on American Idol, 1 April) / another one of my gig reviews has been published

no, the image below is *not* an April Fool's joke.

(l to r) American Idol alum David Cook, and Lady Gaga

I haven't watched American Idol regularly for a long time, but I decided to post about tonight's episode because not only is last year's winner David Cook performing, but also the curiosity that is Lady Gaga. I must admit that I still am not really into her stuff, but I do acknowledge that her grooves will get you on the dancefloor. Do do doo doot.

I only wish her hair didn't look like a removable lampshade, or her fake eyelashes did not look like two large tarantulas have sprouted from her eyeballs. for whatever reason she dresses the way she does - almost like a space Christina Aguilera?...it has done its work. America is interested - and so is the world.


here's my gig review of the Airborne Toxic Event gig here on 12 March, posted on Popwreckoning. for my previous musings, have a read of this previous post.

it's only my second gig review on Popwreckoning, so comments here or there are appreciated! thanks :)

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