20 June 2009

2 new UK indie charts on the horizon

from this Q online article

Two new UK charts are set to be launched, specifically to showcase alternative and indie artists it has been announced. The main chart system rules are also being fundamentally changed, Reuters reports.

The new Independents Breakers singles and albums charts will feature acts who have not appeared in the main top 20 before and are also not signed to any of the four major record labels.

"We've done test charts, and the kinds of artists who would have benefited are Friendly Fires and Grizzly Bear," said Martin Talbot, managing director of the Official Charts Company.

"These bands already have credibility and media coverage, but the broader public is not particularly aware of them and they are not breaking through into the charts."

The move is the first of it's kind since the charts were first published in 1978, under current rules major label artists can appear in the current indie chart as long they use an independent distributor.

The first Independents Breakers charts will be published on Monday June 29.

I think this is a great idea. every morning I turn on VH1 "Jumpstart" and inevitably, it will be the Jonas Brothers, Miley, Ne-Yo, Brooke Hogan, or any other groan-worthy artists as the "top 5" in the U.S. (excuse me while I barf.) I'll be keeping a close eye on these two UK indie charts, for sure!

this article in particular caught my eye because Friendly Fires themselves had recommended me to run, not walk, to get the new Grizzly Bear album "Veckatimest" when I was in Nottingham. I've listened to it a couple times...it's good but not great to my ears. maybe I'm not hearing it right? or maybe I just need to be in England when I'm listening to it...

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