18 June 2009

this week's Roundtable (18/06) / Glastonbury coverage

Thursday sees three of the Cribs in the studio for Roundtable. Two Jarmans and a Marr.

Johnny Marr. SQUEE-EE.

1. Calvin Harris - "Ready for the Weekend" - I have a feeling this is going to be heavy rotation this summer. am I a fan? not really. the electronic-ized voice ala Kanye is not high on my list. it sounds too much like the urban stuff on the radio over here.

2. the Low Anthem - "To Ohio" - this band is turning out to be more folky than I thought. or maybe I am getting them mixed up with the Gaslight Anthem? maybe. after purchasing Grizzly Bear's latest in England, I am convinced that there are too many bands like this. pick the one(s) you like and stick with 'em.

given the choice, I think I'd pick Noah and the Whale over most of them b/c I am a sucker for shoegazey, angsty songs about terribly broken relationships. you'd think I'd learn by now. then again, what else I am listening to? let's see...dance music with shoegazey, angsty lyrics (Ladyhawke, Friendly Fires, Dan Black) hahaha.

3. the Fiery Furnaces - "The End is Near" - hmm. this Thrill Jockeys' band too mellow for me, but the Jarmans and Johnny like it. I want to like this band b/c they've gotten a great reception in England and among American indie listeners, but not quite sold on them yet. might see them in August.

4. missed this one when the phone rang, sorry. I only caught the tidbit that they're on XL, interesting. yesterday I spent some time online looking on who was on Beggars Group and/or 4AD (including Anni Rossi and Camera Obscura, who I'm seeing at the 9:30 on Sunday night). hella big group of acts!

5. Soundtrack of Our Lives - "Flipside" - when this started, it reminds me of the Charlatans, until the singer opened his mouth. ok.

6. Major Lazer w. Santigold - "Hold the Line" (obvs clean version) - horses neighing, mobile phones going off, cash register ringing, glasses breaking, people getting kissed loudly - this track has it all. the ringing is especially funny. still, I'd relegate this to the novelty pile. Johnny Marr isn't a fan either, he can't get into it. I think it's humorous, if nothing else. lmao the Major's playing the Rock n Roll Hotel in town on Saturday.

7. the winner - Dinosaur Jr's new offering with original lineup - "I Don't Wanna Go There" and "Pieces" in full - not impressed by the repetitive guitar lines. I was never a fan of theirs, dunno if you need to be to enjoy this new stuff, but they sound like all other American indie rock band. funny, Ed Macfarlane's opinions on indie rock bands are now reverberating in my head...


6music (and many other BBC outfits including Radio1 and Radio2 also) will be reporting in from the world's most famous music festival taking place next weekend. 6music in particular will be broadcasting around the clock throughout the festival starting next week. (I got confused b/c 6music is heavily advertising the festival coverage right now and my ears perk up hearing the sample from Friendly Fires's "Jump in the Pool"...heh!)

BBC's Glastonbury site

the really unfortunate part is that all the videos will be UK only - as usual :P (stuff like the "red button" - it's a way to get on demand stuff from the BBC if you're a UKer, in case you're not up to speed on what that is.) so the only way you can really participate if you're unlucky to be living in another country is to listen live or via BBC iPlayer to the radio programmes. but it's the closest I'm getting to the action this year.

maybe next year friends in a band will take pity on me and let me stay with them on their bus or the weekend. a single tiny girl doesn't camp on her own at Glasto. it's just not on, y'know?


oh yeah - happy 67th Macca!!! (aka Sir Paul McCartney for the rest of you)

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