30 June 2009

last week's Roundtable (from 25/06)

sorry it's late, but I had to get this in b/c three of my favourite people were on with Gary Crowley last week and had to get the proper fangirl on.

Charlie Fink from Noah and the Whale joined Nick Heyward and Dan Black on a Gary Crowley-hosted Roundtable

eee Dan Black! he played 6 times at Glasto? like...whoa. I'm still gutted having missed him at Dot to Dot in Nottingham.

eee Charlie Fink! he's so nice in person.

eee Nick Heyward! with a voice to slay me. (thank you ex-bf, heh.)

(sorry for the fangirling)

1. Gomez - "Little Pieces" - the last time they had Gomez's album "New Tide" on Roundtable, I believe they won. dunno, this is just so MOR-sounding, it's not doing a thing for me. they all seemed to like it tho.

2. Temper Trap - "Sweet Disposition" - I like the vibe on this, probably thanks to the Big Pink. swirly pop!

3. Regina Spektor - "The Calculation" - I've never been a fan of hers, but I have friends who go gaga over her. and Gary Crowley said the same thing. awww Charlie's disappointed : lmao Dan Black has called it "pleasant". haha, I feel the same way dude.

4. Screaming Lights - "Volts" - Scouser boys. hmm. not feeling this either.

5. the winner by one pt over Emmy the Great - Super Furry Animals - "MT" - hmm. different for SFA. will have to listen to this a couple more times before I'm sold. I'm sure this will pop up on BBC playlists, no doubt.

6. Emmy The Great - "Edward is Deadwood" - I heard this I believe on Nemone's show earlier, so I'm biased, I've already fallen in love with this. I still feel moronic about forgetting to get her album when I was in England last month (::facepalm::)

7. cuts from the Gossip's new album "Music For Men" -will catch this later!

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