29 September 2009

let 'er rip - or maybe not...

I don't have an iPod. (are you shocked, stunned, and collectively gasping? I don't like the iTunes format and don't buy music electronically, I prefer physical, hard copy CDs.) so when I rip CDs, they go straight to the Windows Media Player and into .wma files.

this post is to caution you to take great care when you're ripping CDs to your computer. why? your computer is probably not smart enough to realise which songs belong to which albums and in consequence, may copy over some of your older files when ripping the new ones.

I'm used to popping them in the CD tray and clicking on "Rip" on the Windows Media Player console without a second glance. I did that today with the second CD in the Friendly Fires self-titled, expanded edition pack this morning. when I went back in to check on the progress of the rip, I made a terrible discovery.

the rip copied over the first 8 songs on the first CD (the original album). so in other words, I've got all 8 songs of the second CD (4 songs plus 4 remixes) and then the last two songs from the original album. when I realised this happened, I wanted to bash my computer for being so dumb.

I was able to fix it via "Find Album Info" so that the computer now recognises the 8 songs I just ripped as the second CD of the expanded edition. poor "Photobooth" and "Ex Lover": they're just sitting there by themselves, looking lost without their usual playmates.

of course today I really wanted to come into the office and queue up "Kiss of Life" followed by "Paris" but after what just transpired, that's not gonna happen. sigh.

guess I'll have to bring in the original album tomorrow and re-rip it to fix it. this time however I'll be paying closer attention.

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