05 February 2010

the danger of Tweeting

apparently communication via Twitter - no doubt b/c of the 140 character limit - is dangerous.

I Tweet-commented "tosser" to a favourite guitar tech of mine in November last year in response to his Tweet to cyberspace that someone called him a pansy whilst he was tuning a Fender onstage. and then he responded, "what?" which freaked me out b/c I thought maybe he meant I was calling him a tosser. I tried Tweeting him again to clarify but he never responded back, which further worried me that he was mad at me. thankfully, this was all cleared up in person in Boston and hugs all around. thank goodness.

then this very morning my fave lunchtime DJ Nemone asked people about Manchester Academy. I emailed her saying I missed the Apollo - meaning I missed SEEING gigs there. she misinterpreted this as meaning that the Apollo was now gone:

Having hazy memories of nights out at the acadenmy - and one of you has said the Apollo no longer there NNNNOOOOOOOOO! favourite venue ;-(

so I hastily Tweeted to clear up the misunderstanding:

theprintedword @greekydj no the Apollo is still there! think you misunderstood my email, I said I missed it (as an American) want to see another gig there!

to which she responded:

greekydj phew now found out Apollo lives on yey!!!!!!!!!!!

oh dear. Nemone just returned on Monday from maternity leave and I probably just gave her a near heart attack :/

in a future post (that has already been lovingly handwritten by yours truly) I will share with you my favourite Tweet moments of 2009. it will surely be much happier!


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