04 February 2010

this week's Roundtable (04/02)

Steve has Radio2 late night stalwart Janice Long, Robin Ince and Tom Ravenscroft (aka 6music presenter and probably better known as John Peel's son) as guests on Roundtable on Thursday

(FYI: Janice Long s a celebrity in Morrissey fan world, as she and Stuart Maconie are two of the chosen few that el Mozzer has allowed into his secret realm again and again.)

1. Jonsi - 'Go Do' - don't know anything about this band. not getting this.

2. General Fiasco - 'Ever So Shy' - I am really eager to see this band live sometime. not only are they mates with *my* mate Matt of S&D, this and the excellent 'Rebel Get By' would be awesome live. Northern Ireland has been doing well as of late - GF, the renewed Ash, and Two Door Cinema Club. Janice, I wuv you, I wuv his voice too!

3. Goldheart Assembly - 'King of Rome' - I know this band is one of Lammo's favourites. it's poppy, but not terribly exciting to me.

4. Tunng - 'Hustle' - the winner - twee. I prefer Camera Obscura, thank you very much.

5. Midlake - Acts of Man - this band (or perhaps more correctly, their album) was panned by a hapless ignoramus of a reviewer on PW. how embarrassing. while I'm not wild about it, I wouldn't say it's as terrible as the reviewer said she thought it was. you like Fleet Foxes, but darker? then this is for you.

6. French Horn Rebellion vs. Database - 'Beaches and Friends' - LMAO this reminds me of Sister Sledge and 'We Are Family' - anyone else? is disco staging a comeback?

7. Massive Attack's new 'Heligoland' album including 'Pray for Rain', 'Splitting the Atom' and 'Paradise Circus' - atmospheric, fuzzed out relaxed dance music. just perfect for this winter. I can't wait to hear Guy Garvey's voice on one of the tracks!

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