25 February 2010

the good and the bad always come together, don't they?

I have an exciting announcement to make in the coming days. (no, I'm not engaged or getting married. HAR HAR. you know me better than that, folks. you know music and I have been longtime lovers, right?)

I can't tell you know what's going on, b/c I have been sworn to secrecy, but trust me, it's a good thing. and you're definitely hear more from me from now until the summer. (that's a big hint.)


American festivals aren't doing well this year. the owners of Monolith (Denver) and Rothbury (Michigan) previously said that unless they receive major sponsorship backing, the festivals will not take place in 2010. this week it was All Points West, one of the few on the East Coast (and the only one I'm aware of in the Mid-Atlantic). so things are not looking good on our side of the pond. I don't understand it...it really frustrates me that in a land this big and with a populationg so large, can't we get A COUPLE good festivals together???

I suppose Britain has the benefit of having BBC Radio, sponsoring festivals like the freebie Big Weekend (announced by Radio1 breakfast host Chris Moyles this week to be taking place in Bangor, Wales, this year) and Inverness's Rockness. my EIC Phil is jonesing to go to Big Weekend this year as he went last year (lucky stiff) and my preference is Rockness, especially now that Vampire Weekend has been named as a co-headliner to close out the festival Sunday night. Fatboy Slim and Friendly Fires are going to be there as well to add dance flavour, so getting press credentials would make me feel a whole lot better for missing Ultra, for sure ::sniff::

thank you :)


I my mate Matt Abbott. I've met some great people during my times of blogging and he's defo one of them, he's a total sweetheart and it feels weird that we've only met in person once but we know each other like we've been mates for years. I would really like to see him again b/c we still owe each other pints and I want to see him DJ, talk about football, and do stand-up, three things that he's started doing since we talked in blighty last May.

he knows exactly what I'm thinking, it cracks me up. our conversations on Twitter go something like this:

@MattAbbottUK you're on your phone? where are you??? it's like...01:24 in England? do you have it on your laptop?

@theprintedword Chatroulette only works on a computer/laptop with a webcam. Google it! Yeah, it's 1:30am. Should get to bed!

@MattAbbottUK ah I haven't got a webcam! what's your summer sched looking like? I really really really want to go to Rockness.

@theprintedword It all hangs on my next single. If it does well I'll be everywhere, if it flops I'll be nowhere. Rockness? Pretty random! X

@MattAbbottUK Rockness isn't random, haha. check out the line-up. you my friend know EXACTLY why I want to go. or rather for whom ;)

@theprintedword Friendly Fires by any chance?

@MattAbbottUK ::squishes you:: I have to occupy myself with another band if you my dear are not touring, naturally!

if my friend in Chester, Charlotte, is my long-lost little sister, than Matt has to be my long-lost brother.


there's no Roundtable posting yet b/c...I was asleep during the programme's airing tonight. I'm sick as a dog with a really bad cold. my circadian rhythms are all messed up b/c I haven't been sleeping regularly, I'm up at night coughing up a storm.

don't worry, I'll get around to it, if only to listen b/c Groove Armada's album 'Black Light' was reviewed. yes! "don't wanna take a chance on your paper romance, anyway!"

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