18 February 2010

"Tudor Cinema" making a splash in America this spring / FFires news

Two Door Cinema Club, those lovable boys from Northern Ireland, announced last week they would be taking to the road in North America first as an opener for French dancepoppers Phoenix, then on their own headlining tour.

the tickets to the Phoenix show at DAR in April cost about $50 after all the INconvenience fees. even though I managed to get a row G ticket to come up in today's presale, I couldn't rationalise buying it, considering it cost about the same price as a ticket to last year's Dot to Dot Festival where I saw *several* bands. besides, I'd only go for TDCC...

I'm pretty devastated that they're not doing a headlining show in D.C. I'm supposed to be running a conference the day they're in Boston (15 May), and 2 days before they're in Philly (13 May), but I rather doubt it's a good idea for me to try and run a meeting on next to no sleep. I'm going to try and see if I can convince their PR to add D.C. in on the night in between...

they will be appearing for a live session with Lauren Laverne tomorrow morning on 6music should you fancy listening in.

FYI their band's name comes from the Tudor Cinema, according to Alex Trimble on a Gigwise live chat I sat in on yesterday. oh, and I think Alex and Sam (Halliday) are GORGE-ous.


according to BBC 6music news, Friendly Fires is taking it easy on the festival circuit this year while they record album #2.

"I think we are going to take it quite easy on the festivals this year while we’re doing the album," he [Ed Macfarlane] explained to 6 Music. "We don’t want to annoy people by appearing on every single line-up possible.

"We’re going to wait until next year, when the album’s out to really do all the festivals we can."

well, that's no fun, is it? it shouldn't bother me that much, considering I saw them 5x in 2009. but yeah, rather disappointing.

re: music festivals, in light of this FFires news, the line-up for Rockness Festival in Inverness 11-13 June suddenly got that more special...

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