08 June 2010

big fish in a small pond

it's amazing who I've met through music. and I'm talking about before my days as a blogger.

last night I hung at the Broken Bells / Morning Benders with C, who I've known for 8 years (her estimate, based on the a-ha fan party she hosted at the Harrington years ago when our mutual friend S was in town from S. Carolina). she brought along her friend K, who I've never met (or never met officially, as apparently she was at the Keane gig we all went to at DAR last year - PW review). it's just fun hanging with friends at gigs b/c so frequently I'm by myself 'on the clock'.

James Mercer (and well, the whole band) was fabulous last night. funnily, as we waited in the queue outside before doors, Dangermouse (aka Brian Burton) came out of the club to go into their bus, amidst cheers. James Mercer came out later, accosted by this woman I recognise at gigs but don't like b/c she's always smoking and somehow I'm always downwind from her (yick). she wanted to get his autograph 'for her son' on her ticket. I don't know if anyone told her before she went in that the 9:30 Club takes everyone's tickets at the door. a bit later James and Brian got off the bus and into this white van, presumably to get some dinner yummies. ah, the rock star life.

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