12 June 2010

'Running Away' - first peek (Friendly Fires supporting Muse in Milan)

I wanted to wait until AFTER the TGTF entry posted on this one...

yesterday I got lucky through some Tweet searches (I just knew there had to be more film of new Friendly Fires songs) and eureka! someone at the Muse concert on 8 June at San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy, taped another new one, called 'Running Away'. I am really appreciative of this person, esp as it's obvious he's a fan of both bands (whereas you can tell everyone else is just standing on the football field, looking bored). it must have been hella scary for the guys to play this one b/c not only is it the biggest crowd they'd ever played to, but also doubtful that there were too many of their fans present.

the sound is worse than the one I posted yesterday (probably b/c it's in a huge place like San Siro AND there are a lot of people talking b/c they're Muse fans, not FFires fans, and they're bored) but I can hear the shimmery guitar, the beats are '70s disco era, and Ed Mac is attempting falsetto ala 'Photobooth'. these discoveries have definitely perked up my weekend!

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