03 June 2010

this week's Roundtable (03/06)

from the @lamacqshow Twitter: Roundtable tonight is with @marksutherlanduk @misterwallace and Tom Ravenscroft

1. Mystery Jets - 'Dreaming of Another World' - pop perfection. I am so stoked for their album 'Serotonin' to be released 05 July. it's gonna be epic.

2. !!! (chk chk chk) - AM/FM - this sounds like a fun track for the summer. possibly better than 'Drunk Girls' LCD Soundsystem.

3. Kate Nash - 'Kiss That Girl' - the winner - I guess I have a different perspective on Kate Nash than most Britons (who thinks she's an noisome idiot). to me she sounds like Duffy sold out with worse lyrics, or like Supremes-era Diana Ross came back white (the instrumentation is so v. throwback, and VV Brown does this so much better). but it's not horrible. this one is all right, and you know it'll get tons of airplay.

4. Gang of Four - 'You Don't Have to Be Mad' - this is ok, it's indie rock. and it's not terribly exciting.

5. Kanye West - 'Power' - oh no. I thought he was gone. :P blech. what is this, tribal-hop?

6. Bombay Bicycle Club - 'Ivy and Gold' - I like the spareness of this. funny that it's taken so long for them to release it, they could have headed off Mumford and Sons and Fanfarlo.

7. the Bluetones new album 'A New Athens' - it's all right. Britpop in its old form is back...? I don't remember their singer sounding so much like Brian Molko (Placebo)? talk about nasal. LOLZ

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