10 September 2010

Delphic vs. Friendly Fires vs. Two Door Cinema Club - Melt Festival (Germany)

while this Delphic interview at Germany's Melt Festival isn't really insightful, I find the enormous green microphones that Rick, James, and the German interviewer are holding completely hilarious. they look like they should be bobbing just above sea level in the ocean. or from far away they might look like massive iced lollies.

'one year later actually, your band is actually quite bigger!'

(stop me, I'm laughing.)

also, I wonder if the two of them were under the weather, or maybe where they were being interviewed was really hot. at 1.07, James takes an odd breath and then leans over. at the end, Rick is literally hot under the collar. I often wonder how they deal with wearing long sleeved shirts and suits when they're playing gigs. but then I remember how much I prefer musicians who dress up...!

I've sort of been moaning about the recent 'Stay Here' Friendly Fires collaboration with Canadians Azari and III and not being entirely happy about it (LACK OF GUITARS, GUYS), I think Melt in Germany and Selector in Poland were the only two festivals that featured both them and Delphic.

consulting the tarot cards? brilliant.

also...funnily enough, the interviewer mentions Two Door Cinema Club at the beginning of the interview. haha! it's all coming full circle for me...

and speak of the devil: here is Kev of Two Door Cinema Club.

'you used to be a big secret. but sorry to tell you, but you are now mainstream.' ::big grin::

oh, and the band war continues. Kev just happens to mention that Delphic is opening for them in Hong Kong in August. ooooh, snap!

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