01 September 2010

giving it your all, bass player style

I was listening to Lammo talking about his "New Favourite Band" and darling of the blogosphere, Zola Jesus, earlier on his 6music show. not my favourite by any stretch of the imagination: personally I think it's uninspired piffle.

during the interview, she commented, "this album was made with my entire body."

um, TMI? dunno, what do you think?

on the other hand, I am becoming quite aware with all this bass playing that you do, as Grace Jones once said, become 'a slave to the rhythm', particularly if you play in the rhythm section (bass or drums). I've just sussed Jonathan Aherne's bass line in the Temper Trap's 'Fader', and it's so much fun. but I've found when I play it, I'm practically throwing my whole body into my bass b/c it's like my brain is tuned into the music and your body just follows. it's like this rising tide that picks you up and carries you away. (uh...this sound awfully like something else...I'll let you draw your pictures in your head. if I need to explain it to you, you're probably too young to know about this anyway :)

this is kind of funny to me b/c when I told a friend recently that I'd taken up bass, he asked if I was going to be like Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (he who is known to be all over the place when he plays). I said no with a grin. however, now I'm not so sure...

now if only my wrists didn't hurt. I think I might be developing carpal tunnel! :P

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