14 September 2010

music festival safety - your thoughts?

BBC 6music news reporter Adrian Larkin talks to Melvin Benns (the organiser of Reading/Leeds), a member of Foals (search me who it is), Matt from Delphic (who I think had the most thoughtful comments) and DJ Above and Beyond in this short news bit.

it has been a worrying year. I know my own mother did not want me to go to Roskilde on my own. but I didn't have any mates who could afford the trip out to Denmark with me so it was either go by myself or skip the entire festival. and I didn't think I'd ever get another chance like this so I went. and I'm glad I did.

I realise that as a girl it's even more dangerous in general. but I never felt unsafe when I was at Roskilde. the rape allegation at Latitude was rather scary but I don't think it'd stop me from going to a festival. I did have reservations going to Ultra by myself (which is why I did not go to Miami in March) because in general more men listen to electronic music than women and I was cognisant that this could be a dangerous situation in the dark.

after the Love Parade disaster I don't think I'll be able to leave town if my mum knows where I'm going, especially if it's a dance festival. I'll have to find a way to sneak off...

and I hate having to fool her. I shouldn't have to.

what's wrong with the world today?

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