02 September 2010

this week's Roundtable (02/09)

Lammo is joined by Elly Jackson of La Roux, Q magazine editor Paul Rees and Radio 1's Bethan Elfyn

1. Cee-Lo - 'Fu...' (you know what it is...lol) - cool vibe. just don't name your song with a cuss word b/c chances are I (normally) won't bother to listen to it.

2. the Walkmen - 'Angela Surf City' - the winner - what is this. I know who they are. they're from Philly and Washington. this is what they sound like? lol

3. Gold Panda - 'Snow and Taxis' - it's all right.

4. Badly Drawn Boy - 'Too Many Miracles' - zzzzz...like all his other stuff. he's just famous b/c his song as in 'About a Boy'.

5. the Bees - missed the name - again, what is this. ?!?!?

6. Frankie and the Heartstrings - 'Ungrateful' - I.EFFIN.LOVE.THIS.

don't mind me. Frankie Francis told me I could try on his jacket when I see them soon. haha :)

Elly is a v. opinionated young lady. unfortunately this is going to get her into trouble. I realise that some people don't like Frankie and the Heartstrings, but calling them 'annoying' is uncalled for. are they annoying because they are catchy? last I knew, catchy was a good thing.

7. Pull In Emergency's new album - 'Everything is the Same' is fab. FAB. FAB. have I said FAB? I hope the rest of the album is good as well.

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