04 September 2010

ecstatic doesn't even begin to cover it.

I honestly did not think I had a chance in hell seeing Delphic in Washington this year. and possibly until 2012. MB has had all her favourite bands coming through town and booked through November (Marina and the Diamonds, Lady Gaga, Foals, etc. - acts I don't care for) and I didn't have a single one. so much that I went ahead and booked my travel arrangements and hotels to get me to Philly and Boston to see Delphic SUPPORT the Temper Trap the last week of September.

then I saw this yesterday afternoon on Twitter while I was at work. I really don't know how I managed NOT to scream my head off. I was ready to jump out of my skin.

DC9 is the nightclub where I first heard 'Halcyon' played - ever - in DC. (this was back in February. before I knew I was going to Roskilde. hell, it was 3 months before I even knew Delphic was going to play AT Roskilde.) so it's only right that they will grace its stage in a month's time.

my friends have already gotten their tickets. everyone is stoked to the max.

this is gonna be huge.

I'm overwhelmed that I'll be seeing them 3 times in 2 weeks, the last time in my hometown so I can show them around a bit (maybe, we'll see about that part)...


in more Manchester news, I am interviewing fellow Marpleians Dutch Uncles this weekend. I shouldn't have knots in my stomach b/c they sound like amazingly nice guys but yeah, I want this to go well!

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