09 September 2010

this week's Roundtable (09/09)

Crime writer Mark Billingham, James Endeacott, and Rose Elinor McDougal (ex-Pipettes) give their thoughts on the latest releases.

1. Kings of Leon - 'Radioactive' - I really don't like KoL. the Southern rock 'mystique' or whatever spell they have cast on the British population? not doing a thing for me. and this song sounds like someone else...will have a think on it.

2. Silvery - 'A Deconstruction of Roles' - not bad. not great either.

3. Paul Smith - 'Our Lady of Lourdes' - ugh. zzzzz. why is everyone going solo these days??? one wonders if he got into a barney with the others in Maximo Park...

4. Antony and the Johnsons - a 'thank you' song of some sort - stop being repetitive. why? b/c it's BORING. how many 'thank yous' are in this song anyway?

5. Belle and Sebastian - 'Write about Love' - the winner - have they always been so cheesy? WTF why is everyone loving this??? hello...???

6. Janelle Monae - 'Cold War' - hmmm. interesting. it's all right. I can imagine it'd be a grower if I heard it more often, b/c in general the vibe is good. sounds a bit Janelle Monae but less r&b?

oh wait. I did not know until Rose said it was Janelle Monae that it WAS Janelle Monae! go me! I'm so good, hahaha

7. new Grinderman album - not a fan of the sound, too garage-y for me. I mean, come on. do you imagine me and my immaculate taste liking a song called 'Worm Tamer'? attractive? apparently I am immune to the brand of Nick Cave's testosterone.

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