02 April 2009

Keane live in 3D from Abbey Road (2 April 2009)

just got through watching the Keane 3D live cast from keanemusic.com live from Studio 1 at Abbey Road. v. nice indeed. now looking forward to seeing them in May!

set list:
The Lovers are Losing
Again and Again
Perfect Symmetry
Is There Any Wonder?

this begs the question: will there be more shows like this broadcast on the Web? b/c it seems pretty cutting edge for today, anyway.


I'm not even sure how to classify this, so I haven't tagged this entry besides it being about future D.C. area gigs....hrm...and I also got my ticket for one of Elbow's 3 headlining shows in the U.S. this summer (4 August at the 9:30 Club) - woot!

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