11 April 2009

more photos from White Lies/Friendly Fires/the Soft Pack, 24.03.2009

related to this earlier post

in addition to the photos I posted for Popwreckoning, here are some more pics from the "NME Presents" tour when it touched down in Washington on 24 March:

I need more cowbell!
Ed Mac and Rob of Friendly Fires

Ed Mac of Friendly Fires

a boy and his guitar

Edd G. shredding it

Edd (left) and Ed - most definitely not the cartoon!

so sue me, I like the shoes! ("fox"y)

sorry about the two arms in this picture. it's the only picture from the night I have of FF's drummer, Jack (middle).

Charles Cave of White Lies

Harry McVeigh of White Lies

Harry again

Harry and drummer Jack (is the name "Jack" requisite to be a drummer of a band in England?)

for those completists, here are the setlists:

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