16 January 2010

listen up 2010! my personal band wishes

bands I'm desperate to see live for the first time
Two Door Cinema Club - just between you and me, I've got a terrible crush on the ginger Alex Trimble (teehee)
Dan Black - but I'm missing him at SXSW, arghhhh!
Delphic - in love with 'Acolyte', particularly 'Doubt'; would be particularly awesome if they played Ultra Music Festival this year in Miami
Hot Chip

bands I'm desperate to see again
Camera Obscura - but they are not coming anywhere near D.C. this spring, dayum!
Elbow - not likely to tour this year, boo!
Patrick Wolf - b/c 3x a lifetime is not enough. seriously.
Matt Skint (formerly Skint and Demoralised) - mah m8. it's been far too long.
Keane - the Forest Tour sounds soooo cool. the opening acts are awesome too.

bands I'm so flippin' excited to see this year (meaning I've already got these scheduled)
We Are Scientists (again) - and a new album on its way too!
La Roux - finally!!!
We Were Promised Jetpacks (again)
Muse - so I can wave my "I Dom" sign and fangirl over Mr. Howard, woot!
the xx (again)
Vampire Weekend - seeing them finally, after over 17 months of being completely shut out - twice - for their 9:30 Club shows in 2008

oh, and I really want to have drinks with Steve Lamacq and Stuart Maconie. ::grin::


not sure about this b/c it pains me terribly to say it but: I'm probably not going to England this year. mama needs a laptop and they don't come cheap - one laptop is about the price of a ticket from here to England, if you were wondering.

I don't like laptops at all: the screens are too small and the keyboards and touchpads are annoying as heck. but yeah, I need to enter the 21st century so I can write from the road if I'm travelling for gigs and festivals.

England, I you. why do you have to be so far away and so expensive? :(

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