21 January 2010

this week's Roundtable (21/01)

Thursday sees DJ / Remixer Andrew Weatheral, Kid Harpoon and producer and former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler drop in for Roundtable

1. United Nations of Sound - 'Are You Ready?' - noted as Richard Ashcroft's latest project. this song sounds very older Oasis-y. hahaha the guitars remind of...really good Beatles? I can't think of a track off the top of my head...

2. the Kissaway Trail - 'Sdp' - will this Danish band's trajectory go the way of fellow countrymen Mew? time will tell. enjoyable - almost kind of MGMT-ish? - but not spectacular.

3. Cery Matthews - the winner - 'Into the Blue' - what the heck is this? ugh. the drum sweeps are awful. give me Charlotte Hatherley any day.

4. Two Door Cinema Club - 'Undercover Martyn' - I love, love, love this song. yeah, I sort of want to marry Alex Trimble at this point ;)

5. Gorillaz / Bobby Womack - 'Stylo' - I dunno, not impressed with this yet. ask me in a couple weeks after it's sunk in. I'd rather Damon Albarn focus on reforming Blur permanently!

6. Bomb the Bass - 'The Infinites' - wooo! good dance groove.

7. songs from Eels' 'End Times' - OMG. why do I not get this. everyone loves them. er...why? I guess my problem is the singer's voice. it's v. blah to me, it's not vocal acrobatics that I usually like.

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