14 January 2010

this week's Roundtable (14/01)

Thursday's Roundtable sees Tigs from Chew Lips join Chaz Jankle from The Blockheads and DrownedinSound's Sean Adams

1. Groove Armada - 'Paper Romance' - good dance groove (no pun intended). like it!

2. the Low Anthem - whoops, missed the title - yes, the guys responsible for 'Charlie Darwin' have a new single. unfortunately, this is as sleepy as that last single. so I guess missing the title isn't that big of a loss...

3. Gil Scott-Heron - 'Me and the Devil' - Richard Russell of XL just loves this man. (well obviously, b/c he's an XL acquisition). you either like this kind of music or you don't. he had a several night residency here in D.C. at Bohemian Caverns last month, which I thought was rather interesting. too bad, I should have gone.

4. Turin Brakes - 'Sea Change' - I like the guitars on this one, v. rhythmic and adds to the overall funkiness. now that you're back TB, hit me with your best shot.

5. Ellie Goulding - 'Starry Eyed' - ok, blasphemy alert: so I disagree with the BBC and most music pundits out there about Ellie, b/c honestly I'm not hearing anything particularly exciting/new from her music. give me La Roux any day. this particular track is even less engaging than 'Under the Sheets' (which, if you were wondering, annoys the hell out of me every time it comes on). the way she sings "lo-o-o-ve" is quite grating. but, whatever floats your boat, right?

and according to Sean, she uses auto-tune? WTH???

6. Uffie - 'MCs Can Kiss' - this isn't normally my type of music, but there's something endearing about it coming directly after Ellie Goulding.

7. Delphic's debut album 'Acolyte' including 'Submission' and 'This Momentary' - OMG I this album! maybe if I say it enough times on the internet they will appear in D.C. sooner than later. I would be soooo happy if they played CMJ this year. thank you Tigs, I agree that they should have won the BBC Sounds poll.

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