22 January 2010

the merry pranksters - We Are Scientists

until last night, I hadn't seen We Are Scientists since summer 2008. that's nearly a year and a half.

I had a great interview with Chris Cain (mostly) and Keith Murray before the show at the Black Cat last night for TGTF, so that's forthcoming, as well as gig reviews for both blogs. so watch this space!

talking and joking with them before and after the show and of course the gig itself - so entertaining! it reminded me that there are bands on this planet who are soooo nice and willing to give me their time and are friendly to ALL fans. I haven't seen such a great showing by a band mugging with their fans since Peter Bjorn and John in November.

news flash: WAS may be my new favourite band of the moment. that's saying a lot esp if you know that 95% of the music I listen to is of British origin.

WAS fans, you're gonna LOVE the new album.

more later! (I hope)

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