20 January 2010

short set of notes re: Cribs gig last night...

1. Ross Jarman of the Cribs is super nice. and v. cute!

2. still not sure if I can tell the twins (Gary and Ryan) apart. much to MB's dismay (LOLZ)...hey, they ARE twins!

3. the Cribs put on a great show. unfortunately, I didn't get to meet the other Jarman brothers or Johnny Marr. rather hilariously tho, I had several near misses:
  • as we drove down V Street to try and find parking before the interview, we saw Johnny talking smoking a fag, talking to a goth girl and signing something for her. by the time we circled back, he was gone.
  • when we went upstairs to do the interview with Ross, I saw the back of him in their room at the 9:30 Club but it's not like you can just barge in. I'm not one to invade personal space without invitation like that.
  • then while we were interviewing Ross in this teeny triangular 'computer' room, Johnny popped his head in a few times to see what we were doing. since we were taping the interview, I couldn't exactly go "hiiiiii Johnny!" see what lengths I go to for you readers of TGTF???
oh well, there's always next time. Johnny Marr, we shall meet someday.

4. gig review at PW and interview at TGTF to follow. MB agreed to do the TGTF review, so that takes 1 out of 4 pieces off my hands this week.

5. waiting for Chris Cain of We Are Scientists to email me back and let me know when I can show up to interview them tomorrow at the Cat. should be good!


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