10 January 2010

er...not yet.

my work comp's gone wonky and we had to take Flash off, so I can't listen to BBC Radio (adsfdkasjfdhkdjfkasfdsffalksdj?!?!?) so this explains why I haven't posted about the first Roundtable episode of 2010 yet. if I can sort myself out before this Thursday, I'll post it. sorry for the delay for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting my usual smarmy / snarky opinions.

I re-read what I wrote in the last two weeks of 2009. geez, I'm a miserable old bat when it comes to the holidays, eh? ;) dunno, since my dad passed away a couple years ago and my brother moved to the other side of the country, the holidays have been kind of pointless for me. it's a reminder of more of what I've lost, not what I have.

but thankfully it is 2010 now, I've kicked that stupid stomach flu bug (I think). time to close the book on 2009 and move on.

I like to cook. I wish I had more time so I could do it more often! and I watch a lot of cooking shows. so videos involving food are usually a good bet to make me smile. I saw this video one morning during brekky a couple weeks ago on VH1. a long time ago I had a good friend who went to a school named Killarney in British Columbia, so when I saw the name of this supermarket, it made me think of her and I hope she's still out there, listening to good music. as you know, Michael Buble's Canadian too, so it seemed more than a coincidence.

and all my friends know I'm a hopeless romantic, so forgive the schmaltz and just humour me tonight.

...and would you be so kind to watch this video of Jack Penate singing the gorgeous "Pull My Heart Away", in honour of his Tweet today that his beloved Lola has left us.

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