12 August 2010

definitely not a fashionista. or can afford to be one.

I think Delphic and Two Door Cinema Club look great in their Kitsune Maison issue clothes. sure beats the grungy t-shirt / jeans look that American bands have perfected.

as I was perusing some of my TDCC pics, trying to figure out what 'emblem' is on the shirts they wear, I decided what the hey, let's see what the Kitsune women's clothes look like.

holy ferk, a striped cardi - and a slinky and pretty skimpy one as that - is $155. a 't-shirt dress' is $140. let me emphasise those are the prices for PREVIOUS years' collections.

their fall 2010 collection for women apparently goes back to what they call the 'Ivy League' look. interesting, as I tend to like dressing preppy as it is. (it's my natural inclination, so to speak. blazers? I adore them.) the other day I was looking at a blonde trenchcoat at Banana Republic, gawked at the price tag, and realised the money was better spent on a bass amp.

I'd never buy/wear a red blazer, but I have to say this looks pretty sharp!

nautical pretzel. v-neck, mmmm yes. v-necks on guys and girls are win-win.

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