13 August 2010

Delphic sans guitars

even though I would like to point out that it took this Fordham Uni radio station about 8 weeks to post an interview they did with Delphic versus my 11 days to transcribe mine with Rick Boardman, this one is pretty funny b/c they play off one another, something that could not have happened with mine, since I only got to talk to one Delphic chap and not all three of them.

maybe I can get all three of them in a room in Philly or Boston when I see them in a couple weeks' time and we'll have some hilarious discussions.

I also surmise based on this interview, Matt is probably the joker of the band. just two examples:

Kara: You’re often compared to New Order since you’re from Manchester, you’ve got that rock/dance element. Every single review on earth about you seems to mention New Order.

Matt: It’s funny, isn’t it?

Rick: Matt doesn’t even like New Order.

Matt: I like the singles! But I never found New Order to be much of an album band.

Kara: But you told me that you guys even interviewed Bernard Sumner.

Matt: We did! And for that occasion, I loved New Order.


Kara: You’re also all music teachers ... or you were?

James: This is the odd quirk of the band. Rick, who plays keyboads [sic], was a drum tutor. I was a guitar tutor and Matt’s mum is a music teacher.

Matt: But I didn’t teach music. I just read existentialist novels.

in this version of 'Doubt', Rick isn't battering a drum pad for the quick fire vowels, it's all coming out of the Macbook. and humourously, James looks like the rhythm has taken him over, his head bopping all over the place. (remind you of anyone? a dad-dancer perhaps?) and good heavens, the way he is holding the microphone? WOOF.

this version of 'Counterpoint' was so, so freaking adorable. James's little ballerina twirl, and then at 1.57, who knows what James and Rick are laughing about but they are having such a good time, and Rick looks like he's going to bust a gut. Matt however looks pretty stony. maybe he never laughs during shows. and you know what else I've noticed? Rick has a LOT of hair. I think he has more hair on his head than I have ever had in my entire life. I'm rather jealous, b/c with all the chemo I've had done, I'll never really have a full head of hair. some people are born lucky I guess! :)

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