19 August 2010

this week's Roundtable (19/08)

no Roundtable report last week as there was no power at the house or at work.

this week, it's Felix White from the Maccabees, Andy from Goldheart Assembly and 6music's own Nemone.

1. the Ting Tings - 'Hands' - so '70s. ? it's ok. is her voice autotuned?

2. Clinic - 'I'm Aware' - the winner - oh god, what is this?? ::snore:: it sounds like drugged out hippies trying to make a dance record.

3. Kurran and the Wolfnotes - 'Your Four Limbs' - I like the vibe of this. somewhat Fleet Foxes but in a good way.

4. Friendly Fires with Azari & III - 'Stay Here' - ok, I'm not a fan. I'm like, WTF happened to the guitars? they aren't there! defo not a fan. never thought I'd say this for anything associated with FFires but it's pretty awful. maybe I never really understood house.

5. the Cribs - 'Housewife' - not their usually balls to the wall sound. ok but could be better.

6. Local Natives - 'Wide Eyes' - TBH, I really did not think they were that great live. and not a fan of them on record either. too bad.

7. new Klaxons - it's so garage-y. not really liking this. it's so rough. how they are compared to Delphic and FFires, I'll never know.

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