22 August 2010

RIP Charles Haddon, you will be missed.

I wish I was writing this under more happier circumstances, but I think it should be said.

again. and many times over.

RIP Charles "Charlie" Haddon.

he was the singer of the v. promising electro act Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. I didn't know him personally nor did not have the opportunity to see the band play and now I never will, because Haddon committed suicide on Friday at Pukkelpop. but his untimely death leaves a sad, gaping hole in the English music scene.

not just for what he and his band might have become. but b/c he was only 22. he had his whole life ahead of him. there have been some speculation that when his keyboardist bandmate dove into the crowd and fell on a girl, injuring her, he felt much sympathy and sadness for what had happened.

whatever caused him to leap to his death, we'll never know. but one thing's for sure. be thankful what time you do have on this earth and make of it what you will, because you never know if it'll end tomorrow. for yourself or someone you love.

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