14 August 2010

Roskilde - what it was, and what it wasn't

I haven't written much about my personal experience at Roskilde b/c for a while it seemed like I was writing and writing about the festival and then I got burned out. you can read all my writings in the Roskilde section of my gigs page.

it was a lot of what I expected. I expected the huge crowds, lots of walking around, long lines for the toilet and to buy food and drink.

however some of it was highly unexpected, good and bad.

the good:

1. meeting 2/3 of Delphic. it's true what they say, Northern boys are terribly polite. so polite that the 1/3 of Delphic I didn't meet recently apologised for not meeting me in Denmark, so hopefully we will meet up next month.

2. the incredible variety of acts at Roskilde. I had an idea just looking over the schedule but running around Festivalplads and catching 28 bands in 5 days - wow.

the bad:

1. a man who I have nicknamed 'Big Bloke' fell on me in his overzealous dancing/moshing to Biffy Clyro, I fell to the floor of Arena and had to be lifted to safety by festival staff. embarrassing in its own way but I pissed off at the guy.

I still have no idea how security found my glasses b/c they went flying when I got pushed.

I am tempted to see Biffy next month when they are here and interview them just so I can tell them what happened and they can feel sorry for me (ha).

2. the only time we were offered any sort of tour of the grounds was 5 PM Friday 2 July. the exact time Delphic were due at the Pavilion Stage, a far walk from where the tour was. I didn't want to miss Delphic's set, not to mention I thought it would be terribly impolite to ask for an interview and then not even see them play. so I skipped the tour.

3. it was disappointing us bloggers never did anything together. it wasn't from lack of trying on my part. oh well.

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