03 January 2012

day 02 - your least favourite song

3rd day of January and I'm already late. whoops. so I have to play catch-up...

Hoobastank - 'The Reason'

music people remember songs that were playing at seminal moments of their lives. I will always remember Darwin Deez's 'Constellations' playing before a band that meant so much to me went on in Washington. I remember this song because I was lost in an unfamiliar part of town, trying to find the hospital where my dad had been taken too, very poorly. it comes on occasionally on the one "rock" station in DC and I immediately switch it off. I'm 24 again and I'm about to suffer one of the most traumatic losses in my life.

plus, come on. idiotic promo video. to go with an idiotic song. "the reason is you"???

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