12 January 2012

this week's Roundtable (12/1)

Stephen Bass (Moshi Moshi), Jim Bob of Carter USM (again?!?) and comedian Holly Walsh join Lammo

1. Mark Stuart featuring Primal Scream - 'Autonomia' - ehhhh...not my thing.

2. Friends - 'Friend Crush' - second place (third place not announced) - not as good as 'I'm His Girl'. too slow, a bit boring. and borderline annoying. that nasal vocal, yecchhh.

3. Dodgy - 'What Became of You' - when did overechoed vocals become the rule? ugh. the guitar work is admirable but not much else is sticking out to me.

4. 'allo Darlin - 'Capricornia' - what is odd is that the first time I heard this (before now) this was great. now it's cloying. I guess it overstayed its welcome.

5. Goldfrapp - 'Melancholy Sky' - there's always been something about Goldfrapp that has been a bit off to me.

6. Maz Totterdell - Roundtable winner - 'Counting My Fingers' - it has a good pop feel and I can tell we're going to hear plenty of this in 2012. blargh :( expect it to be accompanied by an excessively cute girl riding her bicycle through the countryside. what I don't like is that's she's doing what Katie Sutherland / Pearl and the Puppets did 2 years ago and encroaching her turf.

7. Howler album 'America Give Up' - there is something wonky / throwback about their sound. it's fine but I want to laugh when I hear them, which can't be a good thing.

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