12 January 2012

Delphic new year wishes from the recording studio

not sure what is going on in this wicked weird new Delphic video taken in a Hackney recording studio. but here is a quick run-down:

  • Matt is still fiddling with his pedal effects (though sadly he is not shown playing his gorgeous new guitar, procured presumably in early 2011 b/c it made its first live appearance at the Spotify live gig in London in April)
  • James has pushed Rick out of the way and has commandeered the piano (make of that what you will)
  • Rick is still singing those angelic/girly backing vocals, though this time in the studio, he's gone one step further, deciding to use jazz hands (ha!)
  • the messages on the screen at the end read "WELCOME TO THE NEW YEAR: NEW SONGS SOON / THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE..."

...so we're reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, guys. I was disappointingly thwarted in my best attempts at sneaking an early listen of the new material (to which I got the exasperated response "my girlfriend has only heard 2 of the songs!) and sitting in on a session. but I have been promised a master when it is available. my fears and concerns for the new album have been communicated...hit me with your best shot, guys.

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