05 January 2012

this week's Roundtable (5/1)

guests tonight are Leonie Cooper, Tom Williams (of the Boat) and Eugene Butcher (it's not on the Web site so I've no idea ;)

1. Air - 'Seven Stars' - I accidentally thought this was David Bowie, with all the Bowie coverage this week (his 65th birthday's Sunday), it was that weird. and I didn't like it. funny Leonie said it sounded like Beach House, b/c I can't stand Beach House...

2. Devin - 'You're Mine' - Roundtable winner - I like this punky sound, very Ramones/Libertines-esque. sounds more New Joisie than Brooklyn. it's just one bloke?!?

3. the xx - 'Open Eyes' demo - I like this even more minimalistic yet more lovey sound from the xx. read more here.

4. 'allo Darlin' - 'Capricornia' - second place - I am loving this. so what if they're twee?!?

5. Radiohead - 'Staircase' - I don't like Radiohead. and again, I'm left wondering, "what am I missing that everyone else is hearing?" I find this bland, boring and not worth another listen.

6. the Skints - 'Ratatatat' - third place - oh god, what is this? like r&b but with a creepy, Halloween-type vibe. is that intentional? then there's a woman singing fast like Janelle Monae and a random bloke shouting like Flava Flav. no thanks.

7. the Maccabees' new (third) album 'Give into the Wild' - I've never been a huge fan of the Maccabees, and these teaser clips tell me why. yes, they've got the "infectious" sound down pat but will I remember the songs tomorrow? probably not. and 'Pelican' has to be one of the most annoying songs I've ever heard (single review here, halfway decent but nonsensical video here).

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