04 January 2012

day 04 - a song that makes you sad

Everclear - Wonderful

This sums up that time in your life when you realize Santa Claus doesn't exist and although your parents have protected you, there will be people in your life that will hurt you. Again and again. For me it hasn't been so much the people that hurt me, it's all the medical things that I have no control over that have changed my dreams, forced me to take up a new direction, altered my course forever.

I think my parents took my illness worse than I did. But all the while, they tried to make me feel like one day it will all work out. I haven't gotten there yet and songs like this make me cry. I get upset because there are people moaning and whinging on how bad they think their lives are and blah-de-blah and I'm sorry, you haven't lived with a chronic illness all your life. I've had some great moments but there have been moments where I went to sleep in a hospital bed, wondering whether I'd wake up.

for those of you whinging about how bad your job is or how you don't have enough money, try living MY life. or walk in the shoes of someone else who has suffered in one way or another that you haven't. There is always *someone* worse off than yourself. That includes me too. Try your best to hold on to what's good in your life. Even if it's a small victory.

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