06 December 2009

Boston to D.C. by way of Baltimore BWI

my calves hurt. the last two nights - in two different cities - have been spent standing for hours on end first outside in really cold weather (I spent Friday night in a thin corduroy jacket, which in hindsight was a mistake b/c it was so cold but fashion comes first, haha) and then inside a venue in somewhat uncomfortable shoes.

the intervening time between the gigs was spent trying to get back from Boston to D.C. by way of Baltimore. was furious when my Smartrip card (equivalent to London's Oyster but stupider) wasn't readable and I had to use a fiver (losing half of that) to the bus's fare machine in order to board the bus to the Metro. and it was snowing like crazy, the first snow of the Washington winter. YOU try dragging a suitcase through wet snow.

the Big Pink gig at the Black Cat was excellent. Robbie Furze is seriously ripped. talk about biceps. the veins popping out of that guy's arms are something ridiculous.


my trip to Boston was good. it could have been better but Friday night was mostly saved by Edd Gibson (total sweet - he wished me a happy birthday and was glad I was there - awww!) and two other fantastic guys that only previously knew me from Twitter and I hope to see again in England soon ;) (no, it wasn't *those* two guys...)

disappointedly, the audience was a bit stiff until "On Board" and "Paris". I hope D.C. has a better showing the next FF come to town. we should, because I've already informed every single one of my friends that they MUST be there with me. haha.

more details about the gig coming soon...I'm still going through the pretty of my photos from the night and almost finished with my PW review. watch this space.

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