10 December 2009

this week's Roundtable (part 1 of 2 of 2009 review)

been out for 2 weeks but raring to go in the first of two "best of 2009's tracks" shows.

Roundtable sees Elly Jackson from La Roux and the NME's Jaimie Hodgson (+ Matt Everitt of the Music Week) discuss some of 2009's best tracks

1. Empire of the Sun - "Walking on a Dream" - I appreciate Elly's insight into EotS's amazing clothing lineup during live gigs. of course she would know!

funnily enough this is now being used for a Vizio advert here in America. plus, Jack Savidge is a fan. good enough for me.

2. Morrissey - "Something is Squeezing My Skull" - I am in agreement with Matt Everitt that "Years of Refusal" has some gems but as a whole isn't a great album. ooh a 1 from Elly - harsh!

3. Doves - "Kingdom of Rust" - oh man, this brings back great memories of seeing Doves at the 9:30 Club in June (read the review.) bloody amazing.

4. Bat for Lashes - "Daniel" - I like the sound of Natasha Khan but having seen her live and not being impressed - all pomp and no real musical substance - I'm not sure what her legacy will be in years to come.

5. Lily Allen - "The Fear" - this album came out the same week as Moz's YOR so I skipped buying her album b/c I was so mad at Best Buy for running out of YOR copies. I do like her, I think she's gotten better songwriting wise.

6. Dizzee Rascal - the winner, ugh -"Bonkers" - it's not really my thing but everyone seems to love it...?

7. Friendly Fires - "Jump in the Pool" - I admit it, the first time I gave the album a spin, I hated this song. THEN I saw them live and watched Ed Mac banging away on his agogo and everything changed.

...why are they even debating Klaxons vs. FFires??? is that a rational argument?

8. La Roux - "In for the Kill" - iTunes single of the year says Lammo. really? I'd like it to be true, but I doubt it.

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