12 March 2010

Lammo the consummate reviewer / dance dance dance!

happy Friday!

if you have not Lammo's blog yet, do yourself a favour and go over there now. if you were ever skeptical on Steve Lamacq's credentials for the 'indie rock oracle' crown, be skeptical no more.

in particular, read the 6music and NME Awards posts. they're quite enlightening and might even make you shed a tear as they did for me.

have I said enough how much I *adore* that man? :D


my exciting news will likely be posted early next week, once we've worked out some bugs. stay tuned my lovelies. just thinking about my summer is making me as happy as Ed Mac enjoying himself at the Bowery Ballroom a year ago this month (photo below courtesy of the fine people over at Gigwise).

shake it baby!

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