18 March 2010

this week's Roundtable (19/03)

Thursday sees Andrew Collins, Sean Adams from Drowned In Sound and Frankie Francis (Frankie and the Heartstrings) join Roundtable

1. James - 'Crazy' - it's all right. I remember first hearing about James and getting confused that James had something to do with Blur (b/c of Alex James). you could forgive me for the ignorance, this was pre-internet and pre-MySpace.

2. the Crookes - 'Bloodshot Days' - ok, TBH, I'm getting bored of all these bands plundering the '60s sound. and Sean nailed it - it sounds retro.

3. Racehorses - 'Pony' - WTF? definitely no...

4. Ten Bears - 'Braces' - having seen Hockey last night, this band sounds like a poor man's Hockey. which is strange b/c they sound English.

5. Pearl and the Puppets - 'Because I Do' - awww :) and I do like this band.

6. the Fall - 'Bury! Parts 1 and 2' - the winner - I've never been a huge Mark E. Smith fan. er...does that make me a bad indie kid? or maybe you have to be from Manchester to "get" it. then again, I get Everything Everything and Delphic...haha I love how Sean is like me and thinks the Fall is one of those bands you should get into eventually, like, before you die.

7. Laura Marling's latest album 'I Speak Because I Can' including 'Darkness Descends' - as I mentioned in a post on There Goes the Fear blog earlier this week, it's hard for me to love women's voices. it's v. country, almost too country / folky for my liking.

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