11 March 2010

this week's Roundtable (11/03)

Lammo welcomes Huw Stephens, Peter Hook and Jarvis Cocker into the studio for Roundtable.

1. MGMT - 'Flash Delirium' - I was never a massive fan of the NYC stoners but I really liked 'Time to Pretend' and 'Kids' so this is a bit of a disappointment. it's a little wigged out Beatles. it's a little too late '60s psychedelic for my liking.

2. Hallo Darling - 'Dreaming' - the winner (how is that possible???) - twee as hell. it's ok.

3. the Radio Dept. - 'Heaven's on Fire' - now THIS is what I thought the new MGMT would sound like! ahahaha

4. Kate Nash - 'Do Wah Doo' - why does everyone hate this woman so much? it's just POP. it's fine. I like it.

5. Keane feat. K'Naan - 'Stop for a Minute' - we actually reviewed this on TGTF. I like it! I really like it! I didn't think the r&b groove would work with Keane but it does.

6. Bonobo - 'Eyes Down' - it's a shame this came after the Keane track b/c it doesn't hold a candle to the previous one.

7. Goldheart Assembly's new album including 'The Last Decade' and 'So Long St. Christopher' - like it, thanks for the recommendation as always my dear Lammo!

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