21 March 2010

mig stor nyheder!

(run the title through an English to Danish online translator and you get...my big news!)

I'm feeling v. orange lately, because...I am going to Roskilde this year! out of several hundred applicants I was chosen, along with six other enthusiastic young bloggers, to get an insider's view of Northern Europe's biggest, baddest music festival. it's a little daunting being the only non-Scandinavian to join the party, but 'you can never make an omelet without breaking eggs, every cook will tell you that', right?

you can read the festival blog entries from me and my compatriots here. and please comment, I'd love to hear from you.


also related to Roskilde:

last week the festival folks were teasing the punters that 2 major British acts were to be announced for the bill. seeing that I was not asked to be the bearer of good news, I knew the bands weren't any that I currently love a lot. given the clues ('what band likes to perform underwater?'), I thought maybe Keane was to be the big act named. no such luck.

the final announcement came and it turned out the two bands were Kasabian and Wild Beasts. I don't know much about either but TBH I'm a bit perturbed b/c I listen to a LOT of British music and what are the odds that they would pick up two bands I know absolutely nothing about?

disappointed yes, but it's an excuse to go into seeing them with no previous ideas about them. I was going to see Wild Beasts last month at the Black Cat but couldn't b/c I was poorly, so it's good I get to see them sometime this year and not have to pay for it myself.

also, it should be noted that Kasabian is apparently a gigantic deal to the Scandinavians, most of whom applauded this announcement loudly and proudly. this should be interesting to see from a sociological standpoint, since I won't actually going out of my head watching the band as a superfan or anything.


in the meantime, I have been nursing a v., v. bad case of missing my dear blighty, to the point of tears at some points :/ it's ridiculous how much plane tickets cost. I got to London and Nottingham (coach up and back down) last May for less than $550 R/T. now the tickets are upwards of $1000 just for the plane ticket!!! I'm scheming for some kind of blighty trip this year but not sure how feasible this is going to be, it's going to be tough on the wallet.

for new readers who have come to my blog via the link on the Roskilde Festival Web site, a quick explanation:

for no obvious reason besides the love I have for many, many English (and British) bands, England feels like home to me, although I was born, raised, and have lived all my life in America. I get emotional just thinking about the country because I have many friends there - some in bands, some not - and feel a kinship to its people that I don't feel when I'm home (for real). it's not just a place for me to holiday, it's a deep connection within my heart that I can't explain. I actually cried on the plane ride home last time, that's how much I love the place.

I blighty, I you v. v. much.

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