24 March 2010

Parklife Festival, Manchester. it has nothing to do with Blur. really!

the good about this:
  • it's in Manchester. come on, everyone loves Manchester! if you're a music fan anyway.
  • it costs £25. cheap!
  • it's being sponsored by the Warehouse Project (aka the people who put on the best dance nights in Manchester) and many more local venue peeps.
  • it's going to be THE dance party to end all dance parties.
  • Friendly Fires are headlining. (if you've learned anything from reading my blog, you know I am quite keen on them. 'keen' would be putting it lightly, haha.)

the bad:
  • why is it so bloody expensive to travel to England right now???
  • the advert makes it look like Wayne Rooney, Diana Ross, Madonna, and a llama will be performing.
  • Jack Savidge will not be happy when he sees that they put him in a pink coat. (in the original photo, it's taupe. don't ask me how I know this.)

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  1. Hi Mary!
    Thank you so much for your comment. I'm surprised that google actually translated it. It usually looks kinda weird when I use the translator.

    Yeah, I'm depressed. I can't really be happy about Roskilde, when the one person who believed in me broke my heart.. Thats why I'm having such a hard time writing blog-entries...

    I saw White Lies two times last year actually. They were amazing, even though they just stood stiff on stage... The vocalist have such a powerful voice. I really hope they are going to play at Roskilde this year (if they weren't there last year that is.)

    About my Roskilde attempt three years ago. I was there on the warm-up days (which was 3 or 4 days I think) and I had a blast even though it was raining (a lot!).. My mom called me several times a day because this was on the news, the front page of newspapers etc... On the day the festival started it went from bad to worse. And after moving our tent 3 TIMES we had enough.. My sister (who I went with) got sick, and we were among many thousands who left the festival due to the flood..

    Camping there was actually pretty nice!
    But I've heard rumors that there is a special press-camp.. I'm not sure that exist, but a music journalist here in Bergen told me about it. Maybe (since we're bloggers) we can camp there? But if not, you can camp with me :) I'm going alone anyways :)

  2. oh no sweetie! please don't be sad. we've got a chance of a lifetime. (will write you an email soon about all this :)

    to be honest I'm very nervous about the whole thing - traveling to a country I've never been. I don't even have a mobile phone that works in Europe yet!

    press camp??? definitely something we need to ask Mads. I've booked a hotel b/c one of my friends who's done festival camping before said it was worth the extra $ AND the fact that none of my friends are going (so I'd be by myself as well). but I still have time to cancel if we can figure things out! ooh, maybe it's VIP :D