04 March 2010

this week's Roundtable (04/03)

On Round Table this Thursday, Steve will be disecting the week's releases with guests Scroobius Pip, James Endeacott and Jim Bob

1. the Futureheads - 'Heartbeat Song' - I really like this! 'I still want to sing with you!' AWWWW!.

2. Doves - 'Andalucia' - despite the exotic title, there is nothing terribly exotic about this. not feeling it like 'Kingdom of Rust'. and they're doing a 'best of' album. ::groan::

3. Primary 1 feat. Nina Persson (Cardigans / A-Camp) - 'The Blues' - with the synth action, I imagine this will grow on me, but in the meantime, the synth plinks are rather annoying and jarring against the nice vocals.

4. Foals - 'Spanish Sahara' - uhhh...what happened to Foals? zzz...funny, this actually sounds like Doves! come on now, the tune is awfully similar to 'Jetstream', isn't it?

and that's my opinion. I'm allowed to have one, y'know. ::stares down a certain actor who threw a temper tantrum at me yesterday::

5. Plan B - 'She Said' - I like this. throwback, yes, but nice! cool vid too. (and no, my glowing remarks have nothing to do with Paul Epworth...hahaha)

6. Smashing Pumpkins - 'A Stitch in Time' - I think it's time for Billy Corgan to retire. really. like Foals earlier...snoozefest.

7. Gorillaz's latest 'Plastic Trees' including 'Melancholy Hill' - I'm not going to go into detail on why I'm not wowed by this effort, as everyone and their grandmother in the blogosphere has already reviewed this album. Damon Albarn, forget Murdoch. Blur reunion, please!

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