03 September 2009

Stuart Maconie's opinions on this year's Mercury nominations

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The Radio2 Choice
Stuart Maconie looks back at the 1993 Mercury Award winning album, Suede by Suede. Stuart and Brett Anderson didn't always see eye to eye in the Brit pop era, we find out why in the Mercury Winners Show.

I do like a bit of Suede (not as much as my loveliest friend in South Carolina - !) but it wasn't so much about reminiscing about Stuart calling Suede a "Britpop" band as much as his comment about Steve Lamacq (the voice of reason" at the NME - hee!) and his opinions on the Mercury Prize nominees (and his four picks with a red asterisk*): [listen to the mp3]

Kasabian - "I quite like Kasabian, they seem to be the more intelligent version of Oasis a lot of the time"

*Bat for Lashes - "'Two Suns' - pleasant enough...can't really say it sets me alight, but is a very very good bet to win, as is *Florence and the Machine's 'Lungs'"

Friendly Fires - ..."'Friendly Fires', which I absolutely love" - I Stuart Maconie, but you already knew that :) if they win, Stuart and Ed Mac should so go clothes-shopping together.

*La Roux - "I quite like her"

the Horrors - "I thought they were completely gimmicky...I have not gone nuts about them as some people have"

*Glasvegas - "absolutely brilliant album and would be more than a worthy winner" (ugh. I'll forgive you Stu for the nice FF comment.)

Led Bib - "brilliant new schronky jazz that we would feature on the Freak Zone - not a chance"

Lisa Hannigan, Speech Debelle, Sweet Billy Pilgrim - "not much of a chance"

the Invisible - "they are v., v. cool in the Hoxton / Fin / Hot Chip way"

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