17 September 2009

this week's Roundtable (17/09)

Thursday's Roundtable sees Gang Of Four's Andy Gill join Sean Adams from Drowned In Sound

1. new Flaming Lips song - missed this while my BBC iPlayer crapped out and had to reboot. rats.

2. Joy Formidable - the winner - "Greyhound in the Slips" - not getting it. the lyrics would sound better sung by a man IMO. I like their older stuff better.

3. Snoop Dogg - "That's Tha Homie" - oh dear, I've never been a fan of Snoop. so I'll leave it at that.

4. Devendra Banhart - "Baby" - this has already been added to 6music's playlist, so not sure how good a review of the song now would be, b/c it's going to get plenty of airplay. I have of course heard of this band's name but I had it in my mind that it had to be the name of the frontwoman. (oops.) um...passable but kind of annoying.

5. the Raveonettes - "Bang!" - you know, this is so '60s throwback, I like it a lot. I have been relistening to the Libertines a lot lately and this is the sort of sound that makes me reminisce about them.

6. Everything Everything - "My Keys, Your Boyfriend" - like this! thank you Gwilym Gold of Golden Silvers for tipping me off to them! they've been compared to Phoenix and ABC. what do y'all think?

7. tracks from Muse's "the Resistance" album including "Undisclosed Desires" and "Mk Ultra" - for the record, I don't fancy Matt Bellamy. at all. he's got this weird, whiny way of singing sometimes and yeah, his nose reminds me a bit of the Count from Sesame Street. but I am having a rethink about all of this after hearing "Undisclosed Desires". the beats are even a bit r&b to cater to the Beyonce/Kanye fan set. WOO-OOF. you can't help think salacious thoughts and you KNOW it's been purposely written that way for that exact reason. it's like wanting Friendly Fires to give you the "Kiss of Life". "I want to satisfy my undisclosed desires"? yes please! ♥

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