02 September 2009

against all odds (Mercury Prize thoughts)

so who are your picks for winning the gong at the Mercury Prize festivities next week?

I still can't believe it's a week away. it seems like yesterday I was writing up an article for PopWreckoning about the 2009 nods.

who I want to win (in no particular order):

La Roux - long live electropop! yummy electronoise you can eat up with a spoon. she's a young London chick singer with opinions of her own. (wow, what a concept!) "this time baby, I'll be bulletproof" is my new mantra.

Friendly Fires - well, duh. but seriously, the three of them are some of the hardest-working people in the business. and somehow they've managed to keep their egos in check and are still nice guys. if I'm being honest, I'm afraid that if they do win, I'll never see them again. I hope they turn out like Maximo Park and are willing to play stadiums and small clubs so we who knew them "before they was" still get to see them on a stage smaller than those requiring a Jumbotron.

Speech Debelle - her sound has grown on me. if the acts above have to lose to anybody, I'd rather it be her winning the gong than anyone else. oh what was that act last year that I really liked that Stuart Maconie turned me on to...shoot...the girl rapper from New York...shoot...it'll come to me eventually.

who is probably going to win (again, in no particular order):

Florence and the Machine - the bookies' favourite. and she's pretty/cute too, so she's got that going for her.

Glasvegas - I never jumped on this particular bandwagon of Alan McGee's. could it be that I'm still sore that he basically dropped Dirty Pretty Things for Glasvegas? possibly. but honestly, I've listened to their music...it's a yawn. er..."Geraldine"? please.

Bat for Lashes - I saw her last month and was disappointed. I know she has her avid fans, but I just couldn't get into her performance...too theatrical for me and not enough musical substance...

the Horrors - they're ok. maybe they'll pick up the gong as a sleeper act.

Kasabian - if they win, I think the nation will groan collectively. no hype, no excitement.

for more stuff about this year's nominees, have a read of this previous entry.

I know where I'll be come 8 September at 20.00. in front of the compy, listening to Lammo's broadcast on 6music, waiting with baited breath for the winner(s) to be announced.

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