01 September 2009

some mothers... / another convert to the religion

I have so far avoided talking specifically about Friendly Fires's appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show last Tuesday (25 August). this is mostly b/c while I think the guys had a good performance, it wasn't one of their best...and I'm chalking this up to utter, utter exhaustion and a bad case of the nerves - I mean, think about it. millions of American homes tuning in to see your first American late night telly appearance? it's got me quaking in my boots.

in fact, I am only mentioning b/c my mum brought it up today. ABC decided to repeat the episode last night (less than a week later, WTF?) and her being a night owl, she caught the tail-end of the show while channel surfing.

mum: why was the singer fiddling with knobs at the end of the song? ::starts bad imitation of Ed Mac turning knobs on his Moog:: there were these weird screechy sounds, terrible.
me: he plays a synth. that's what synth players do. synths have all these knobs and buttons that you can save sounds with.
mum: ::shakes head:: strange! he should have been singing at the end.
me: ::shakes head and turns away::

ohhhh mum...

she'll never get them I'm afraid. like every other musical act that's ever caught my attention.

sigh. one of these days Ed will just have to come over to play my keyboards and show her exactly how it's done.

my other comments were posted last Friday here, on There Goes the Fear.

"Kiss of Life"

"Jump in the Pool"


oh yes! last but certainly not least up for discussion today...I made friends with a girl from the NW of England last week on Twitter. as a fellow Friendly Fires fan, I felt it were my duty to 1) tell her that they were going to do an in-store in Manchester, just up the road from where she lived and 2) convince her that she *must* go, because she hadn't seen them perform live, ever, and that they were wonderful people.

she had to get up at the crack of dawn to catch a train to Manc, but she did it...got there and got her wristband, even though both of us were worried by the ominous message she got from an HMV worker a couple days ago: "there's high demand for this event...people will be camping out the night before..."

as I expected, the lads put on a brilliant show for the punters and were charming for the autograph queue, even if the guards were pushing fans along to speed things up and no one really got to stop and talk with them. I got a lovely email from her earlier this evening before she went to bed, she said it had been the best day of her life and she thanked me for convincing her to go. she's going to post the photos she took tomorrow. I can't wait to see them, b/c I was and am truly excited for her.

I love it. another Friendly Fires gig convert!

Jack stopped to talk to me after the Brooklyn show - he recognised me from the previous night at LPR - and I explained to him I'd brought my friend from Kansas City to the New York show, so in addition to Washington D.C. being represented, so was the Midwest.

he said with an appreciative grin, "wow, all these towns converging on New York City..." yep. just doing my job, spreading the FF gospel...

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