10 September 2009

this week's Roundtable (10/09)

Thursday sees Josie Long on Thursday's Roundtable with our very own Shaun Keaveny and Brad from the Nextmen

1. Biffy Clyro - "The Captain" - how is it possible this is from the same band that brought out that noisome "That Golden Rule"? this is much, much more sincere.

2. Groove Armada - "Warsaw" - on the fence. not insanely great, not insanely bad either. not grabbing me, for sure.

3. Kill It All - "Heaven Never Seemed So Close" - the winner - down and dirty Southern Amer. rock sounding like a lot of stuff coming out right now. meh.

4. General Fiasco - "We Are the Foolish" - disclaimer: I really want this band to succeed, and they're mates of a mate of mine, which makes them...er...not much but I do really want them to succeed! I'd rather listen to Owen Strathern than Alex Turner any day - dunno, I feel more passion in his voice than Alex's. I hope they get out of N. Ireland and over here to tour soon.

5. Los Campesinos! - "The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future" - I'm really amused this band is British and not Latino. D.C. apparently really loves them, but I don't much about them at all. I guess I need to read up on them...

6. Air - "Sing Sung Sang" - ?!?!?!? WTH is this? I like lite rock but...bleh! it's like they've been standing still.

7. the Big Pink's new album "A Brief History of Love" including "At War with the Sun" and "Tonight" - I'm still in a bit of disbelief that they are coming to D.C. in December (a little over a week after my birthday). I am so v. excited I might burst. to be honest, I like "Dominos" and "Velvet" better than these tracks. but I get the chance to see them live and decide if they're great performed right in front of me. ALL RIGHT!

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