07 May 2010

FFires in the dark

sort of. I find it amusing that this is the Beach Break Festival, yet they're in the dark? you can make out rolled up shirt sleeves though...

I-beetha baby. I still think it's weird that Brits pronounce 'Ibiza' as if it's a piece of beef.

and before they were slagging off MGMT, they were slagging off Florence Welch:

Ed Mac: she (Florence) needs to learn the lyrics to one of our songs before she starts singing it. and learn how the melody goes.
Jack: or like learn a melody that remotely works.
Ed: I liked it when she was just dancing on stage, in Bristol she didn't do much singing to be honest.
Jack: I could take it or leave it to be honest...
::LOLZ all around::

and Ed Mac, check your 'Kiss of Life' instrumental bridge with Foals 'With Swimming', you've already sort of worked with Foals already. (thank you C for pointing that out:)

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